Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Backchannel resources from Learning & Skills Group Conference 2013

I've been scouring the Twitter backchannel for interesting resources that were shared before, during and after the Learning & Skills Group Conference, and here is the list that I have after one month:

General reflections and resources

Keynote: Work, learning and living in the future (Gerd Leonhard)

Track 1

Session 1: Open learning - opportunity or threat? (Steve Wheeler)

Session 2: The Tin Can API: Connecting the dots with data (Megan Bowe)

Session 3: Moving to social learning (Harold Jarche)

Track 2

Session 1: Ensuring true interaction in live online learning (Phil Green)

Session 2: Using Open Badges for accreditation (Doug Belshaw)
*** Still searching ***

Session 3: The learning design challenge (Julie Wedgewood)
Track 3

Session 1: The seven habits of highly aligned L&D teams (Laura Overton)

Session 2: Big Data - a guide for those without a love of statistics (Nigel Paine)

Session 3: Mobile devices, learning and the mind (Terence Eden)

*** Still searching ***

Track 4

Session 1: Learning resources: how long is long enough? (Stephanie Dedhar)

Session 2: Lessons from the virtual playing field (Ben Betts)

Session 3: The Tin Can API workshop - putting the Experience API to work (Megan Bowe)

*** Still searching ***

Slideshares from Learning Technologies Summer Forum

Stephen Walsh, 'From ADDIE Men to Mad Men'
Charles Gould 'Diary of a Next Generation Learner'

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