Thursday, June 28, 2012

Backchannel resources from #LSG12UK

Learning & Skills Group Conference 2012

It's been a hectic three days of online webinars this time around, with an incredible amount of ideas and information exchanged by the LSG community, which is more open than ever this year with membership free to all.  The Twitter feed was particularly active, trending above the Spice Girls at one point!  Kate Graham emerged as this year's power tweeter, with over one fifth of all tweets in the stream according to the initial results from my archive (see the link below).  As always, a big thankyou is due to Donald Taylor for hosting.

I find that the best way to make sense of the sheer volume of information is to collate it all in one place and share it with others to promote some conversation afterwards.  So, here is my collected list of resources shared on the backchannel of the Learning & Skills Group Conference 2012, as lists of social bookmarks on Diigo.  I will keep updating this as more become available, and if I (or you!) spot any I missed in the Twitter stream.

In the meantime, I look forward to chatting to you all wherever it may be: in the comments box below, on Twitter, or on the LSG site.  I'll be posting some more detailed thoughts on individual sessions in the days to come. 

Day 1 - Tuesday 26 June

Day 2 - Wednesday 27 June

Day 3 - Thursday 28 June

Other useful links & resources

Recordings of the sessions - including the lively text chat!

Interesting tools mentioned - especially free stuff

Recommended books - some published by speakers, others not

Video clips - don't worry be happy ;)